Tote Bag Shoulder Bag Top Handle Satchel Purse CHERRY MONOGRAM SATCHEL 3pcs

$53.25 $20.75
Top zipper closure. Durable and smooth. Well made:  3 tone color, cherry monogram satchel,  Round Coin Case Tote bag Pockets: One main zipper compartment and                                                One exterior...
Color :
Light Brown

  • Top zipper closure. Durable and smooth.
  • Well made: 
  • 3 tone color,
  • cherry monogram satchel, 
  • Round Coin Case
  • Tote bag Pockets: One main zipper compartment and                                                One exterior zipper pocket,
  • Handbag Dimension: 17.5" X4.5 X12"  (11.5)"
  • Perfect for dating, shopping, working, traveling, vocation, party and other occasions and keep your daily items well organized.



No animals are harmed in the creation of the bag. Buy these guilt-free, knowing that your purchase will not harm the environment.


Every outfit needs to be planned with this adorable handbag.
We have so many colors to chose from! These go well with jeans shorts skirts and your versatile for dressy or casual wear!


These premium handbags purses are lightweight, compact, and provide just enough room to carry all the essentials a woman needs.
Available in a variety of colors, our handbags make a wonderful addition to your style thanks to the subtle tones, classic design, and ideal storage capacity.


Every woman knows that dressing for the occasion is only half of the equation; you also need the right accessories to round out your look.
Our handbags are crafted for wear for anytime, any season. we have summer, winter, fall, spring colors all available to purchase in store. Love colors?
So, do we! Stay classy with black, brown, white or add a little flare in your wardrobe with red, maroon, blue, turquoise.
We have many colors for you to choose from to fix any season outfit and give that gorgeous high class leather look!


Each bag features an adjustable shoulder strap that lets you keep your bag secure with a crossbody carry, or over the shoulder to better match your demure evening wear.
Either way, our bag is stylish enough to match all your fanciest outfits, but durable enough for travel and daily use.


Quality Craftsmanship

Quality is not about just how well something is made. It also is embodied by the small tiny attention to detail. Each item goes through rigorous sampling prior to being manufactured.
When manufacturing is complete it must then pass a quality control and inspection process that ensures that all finished products are to the highest standards.

Rock in Style

Our handbags are adventurous, inspirational, and bottom-line rocks with confidence.
We are always looking for the newest boldest styles that adds that little extra sparkle to help you stand out from the crowd yet classy.
Whether itÕs for a night out of town with the girls, fancy dinner party, or just your daily bag. We have it all!


Comfort and Value

Our designers are detailed not only in fashion but also in comfort.
Our dedicated team of designer's redesign hundreds of different styles to fit your needs. Comfort and quality is of upmost importance to us.
We strive to make quality handbags that can be worn every day. Our handbags not only provide style, but maximize comfort without sacrificing quality.

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